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I know, I know! No, I'm not dead... just been ridiculously busy. Uni has been a BITCH these last few months...

I o The Gauntle will be out either tomorrow or Wednesday, but until then, I have m hermione_smut fic - 'Carpe Imperium' to hopefully keep you all entertained. Make sure to head on over and read/review the other works, because there were some amazing ones this year.


Below is the beta-ed version o 'Carpe Imperium'. I didn't have time to get it beta-ed for the fest, but the first part is posted after the jump...

Threesome/Moresome: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger/Harry Potter
Word Count: 1,354
Rating NC-17

Summary: There's nothing worse than a cheating ex - unless, of course, you are Hermione Granger, your cheating ex is Ron Weasley, and his exploits happen to be splashed all over the papers for the world to see. Add that to all-time low self-esteem and a return to Hogwarts, and Hermione is at her wit's end. Sure that no one could ever find her attractive again, it takes the help of a famous hero, his infamous nemesis, and said nemesis' best friend, for her to see things a little more clearly...

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The Gauntlet - HG/DM/VK (VIII/?)

Sorry for the wait... Wanted to get this chapter just right because it's a turning point...


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The Gauntlet - HG/DM/VK (VII/?)

Below is VII of The Gauntlet. Two weeks late, I know, but there were certain circumstances that led up to the late arrival..

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The Gauntlet - HG/DM/VK (Part VI/?)

Below is VI of The Gaunlet!


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Both VI of The Gauntlet and my fic for  hermione_smutare going well. I'm hoping to have both done by Sunday...

And, yes, I know VI was meant to come out a few days ago, but such is life! Besides, this edit is better and more 'in tune' with where I want this story to go...

Hermione Smut Challenge

I signed up just last night for the upcoming sixth wave of hermione_smut. Already working on the story, which is turning out really well. I want to finish it by tomorrow, bang outVI of 'The Gauntlet' and maybe even do another prompt.


Want to go and watch The Dark Knight Rises for the third time, probably some time this week. :D

The Gauntlet - HG/DM/VK (Part V/?)

After the jump is the new chapter of The Gauntlet. Let me know what you think!

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The Gauntlet - HG/DM/VK (Part IV/?)

After the jump is Part IV of 'The Gauntlet'. Check out the synopsis and details below...

Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy/Viktor Krum
Word Count: 2, 664
Rating: NC-17

Summary: When Hermione is in an accident & suffers from memory loss, she forgets all about her relationship with the infamous Draco Malfoy and Viktor Krum. It also doesn't help that she broke it off with the latter and can barely stand the former. So, when it is made clear that her best chance at recovery is to move in with the two men, the situation goes from bad to worse to Hell in a quilted hand-basket. 

More Info: Features a reticent Hermione, irritated Draco and confused Viktor Krum, as well as a bumbling but well-meaning cast of supporting characters and several memorable events...

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The Gauntlet - HG/DM/VK (Part III/?)

Part III up, a little earlier than expected!

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